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Backdrop Stand Printing in Dubai

We offer best prices on printing standard and custom backdrops for all kind of events and purposes

Transform Your Event into a Visual Spectacle with GoPrint's Backdrops - Where Every Occasion Becomes Unforgettable!

Ready to set the stage for a memorable event? Look no further than GoPrint's Backdrops – a canvas of limitless possibilities that turns any space into a visual masterpiece. Elevate your brand presence, capture attention, and create lasting memories with our Backdrops!
96″ x 120″ feet Step and Repeat Backdrop Banner
  • 600 AED

    For 1 piece
  • 2800 AED

    For 5 pieces
  • 5600 AED

    For 10 pieces
The Backdrop is not just a backdrop; it's the visual anchor of your event. With expansive designs and vibrant graphics, it sets the stage for an immersive brand experience, ensuring every photo taken becomes a showcase for your brand.
Adaptability is key, and our Backdrops excel in versatility. Whether it's a corporate event, wedding, trade show, or a red-carpet affair, our Backdrops can be customized to suit any occasion, making it a versatile tool in your brand's arsenal.
Unparalleled Visual Impact:
Versatility at Its Core:
Why GoPrint's Backdrops?
No more complicated installations. Our Backdrops are designed for quick and easy set-up, turning any venue into a visually captivating space within minutes. It's convenience meets impact, allowing you to focus on creating a memorable experience.
Your brand deserves to be seen in the best light. Our advanced printing technology ensures that your graphics are reproduced with exceptional clarity and vivid colors, creating a Backdrop that is not just a background but a work of art.
Easy Set-Up, Instant Atmosphere:
High-Quality Graphics:
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A classic choice for brand visibility at events, featuring a repeated pattern of logos or graphics.
Customize your Backdrop to match specific themes or events, adding a personal touch to your occasion.
Create a sleek and elegant look with a fabric wall, offering a smooth surface for high-quality printing.
Tailor your Backdrop to unique shapes or designs, adding a touch of creativity to your event.

what products do we create

Sturdy Frame Construction:
The journey begins with the construction of a sturdy aluminum frame. Engineered for stability and durability, the frame provides the foundation for your Backdrop, ensuring it stands tall and firm, creating a seamless visual backdrop.
High-Quality Fabric Printing:
Your graphics come to life with our high-quality fabric printing. Using dye-sublimation technology, we ensure your brand visuals are vibrant, detailed, and resistant to fading over time. The fabric creates a smooth and elegant backdrop that adds a touch of sophistication.
Precision Cutting for Seamless Edges:
Our Backdrops feature precision cutting for seamless edges. Every contour and detail of your design is meticulously cut, creating a polished finish that enhances the overall visual appeal of your Backdrop.
Modular Panel Options:
For larger Backdrops, we offer modular panel options. Each panel seamlessly connects to create a cohesive design. The modular approach not only ensures flexibility in sizing but also makes transport and storage a breeze.
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Get advice from a specialist with 15 years of experience in printing and advertising and production activities.
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